4 Tips to Maintain the Right Business Culture During High Growth

A strong corporate culture strongly influences the success of any business organization. Business culture, in this case, means a workplace environment that allows your employees and staff to keep coming to work and applying their skills and best effort forward every other day. The chances are that you’ve heard about companies that are considered and perceived to be the “best places to work.” This simply means those companies or businesses not only see value in their operations of activities and what they do but also appreciate the workplace environment.

As your business gets into the growing phase, it’s important that you effectively scale up your business culture to ensure long-term success. Here are key principals to help you scale your business culture during high growth.

Make sure you’re walking the Talk

As much as many factors influence business culture, those at the top play a significant role in shaping the workplace environment. What you say every day as the leader will determine the business culture. If you want to maintain a winning business culture, make sure everyone in your leadership is on the same page as far as the values, vision, and goal of the business are concerned.

Recognize Employee Contributions

Entrepreneurs often remember to acknowledge and appreciate the efforts made by their employees during the startup phase of the company. You can easily interact with them and see what they’re doing. You even share the same room. However, as the business starts growing and you get to a higher rank, it becomes quite challenging to recognize and personally appreciate their contributions. You should make sure this happens regardless of your busy schedule. It’s important to recognize their accomplishments and appreciate their efforts.

Don’t forget to Bridge the Distance and Time Gap

Whether your business is expanding locally or you’re going international, you should aim at extending your business culture across all your locations. You may need to keep your staff members connected so as to allow for collaboration and communication. This connection can be created via an online community.

Managing Communications

One of the things that become more difficult during high growth is communication between top leadership and the staff members on the lower levels. It’s important to encourage an open-door policy that allows for direct communication across the ranks. Of course, there must be an environment that will encourage employees to share their opinions and experiences freely. Managing communications will help in keeping your employees informed about the company’s values and bigger vision. Create forums for input through brainstorming sessions across the different departments as well.