Grow Business with Current Customers

If you are in business, you are probably familiar with losing touch with customers you did business with months or even years ago. Businesses focus so much on new clients and leads and ignore the value of repeat customers altogether. Existing customers are a valuable asset that businesses don’t even realize they have. It might seem uncomfortable to re-engage previous customers, but it might do your business some good. Baltimore Limo ( uses these ideas to stay in touch with their business clients. It has created a steady base of business they can depend on. Here a few tips on how you can establish a lasting relationship with your clients;

A note through mail

They are probably overwhelmed by emails and phone calls on a day to day. A good traditional note through the mail would be an excellent way to capture their attention. You could include a great article that relates to their business, a newsletter or any other piece of valuable information.

Call them

This should be with a clear purpose in mind. Maybe you have a new product or service, some giveaways, etc. They are probably busy people, so you don’t want to waste their time with vague phone conversations. After the pleasantries, go straight to the point.

Stand out to your Clients

These days it’s not exactly hard to find people’s special events such as birthdays or anniversaries. If you spend enough time on Google or Facebook, this information will come easy. Set up reminders of these dates in your calendar or CRM and wish them a happy birthday. It is not standard practice, so this will get their attention. For the limousine business, these are perfect opportunities.

Ask them for referrals

Give your previous clients a call and ask them if they have anyone in mind who would be interested in your products or services. You will benefit from this by reconnecting with your previous clients and ultimately get new leads for your business.

Request for their feedback

Regular feedback from customers is a good way to gain insight into the client’s experience with your products or services. It also helps you know what to improve in areas where you might have fallen short of the client’s expectations. You can do this every few months through email, surveys, etc. This will also create a good perspective of your business in the clients’ eyes.